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Labor and social rights of foreign countries: basic institutions. Comparative legal issledovanie.Frenkel EB M. 2002. 627 p.

The work is a comparative legal research of legislation in developed countries and countries with economies in transition on topical issues of labor and social rights. In particular, the paper considers the legislation in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Croatia, the Czech Republic. The work consists of two parts: the first part of its consideration of the matters governed by the labor legislation; the second - social. Labor law issues are analyzed on the basis of legal classification of the collective and individual labor law. The work is based on an analysis of the latest foreign legislation.

For experts in the field of labor law and social security will be useful to students, graduate students and professors of universities and law faculties.

List of abbreviations 6

Chapter 1. Collectively-contractual regulation of labor relations 7

Chapter 2. Social partnership 53

Chapter 3. An employment contract 107

Chapter 4. Legal regulation of employment 169

Chapter 5 Vocational training of workers and employees 264

Chapter 6. Occupational safety 338

Chapter 7. labor courts 437

Chapter 8. Insurance Medicine 486

Chapter 9. Pension insurance for old age 580

Chapter 10. Pension Disability Insurance 651

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