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PSN card is activated on your Playstation Store account and adds to it the amount of your face value of 500 rubles. Next, you can pay for purchases in the Playstation Store from your account and download games, movies and other entertainment content from there to any Playstation console.
Attention! This card can only be replenished with Russian accounts of PlayStation Network
The card is suitable for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Activation on PC

In the Playstation Store, payment is made only with a registered account. Click the link to activate the purchased card through the Sony Entertainment website. If you do not have a PSN account, you will need to get one first.
If you are not logged into the PSN account, you will be prompted to enter your email and password.

Enter the PSN redemption code sent to you. Good game! :)

Activation on the console

1. Create a Russian PlayStation Network account (or use an existing one).
2. Visit the Playstation Store using any of the Playstation consoles or Media Go software for PSP on your PC.
3. Select the icon "Redeem codes" in the "Showcase" menu.
4. Enter the purchased PSN repayment code consisting of 12 characters, and select "Continue".
5. Follow the on-screen prompts to activate your card.
PLEASE leave feedback after purchasing the product or
by reference
We wish you a pleasant game and successful purchases, come to us again, we will be very happy)))
Yours faithfully
stasek CoDe
16.04.2018 22:47:26
Код пришёл, спасибо за цену и сервис :)
14.04.2018 21:15:13
Отличный сервис, получил код быстро.
14.04.2018 17:51:38
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