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Triggerboat | Aimbot | Rage Mode | AntiAym (Spinbot) | RadarHak | BX | Banihop | Autostyles | Backlight

Completely bypasses:
VAC (all versions)

RAGE | Rage
Rage Aimbot - looks at 360 degrees and instantly kills all enemies
Hitchansee - Accuracy of Rage Aimbot
Auto Crouch - Automatically sits down when fired
Auto Stop - Automatically stops when shot
Spinbot - Krutilka or Anti Aimbot

Legit | Bespalevny
Aimbot - Automatically brings your sight
Hitbox - Where exactly will bring (Head, Body, etc)
Fov - Aimbot´s debugging radius
Smooth - How smoothly brings Aimbot
RCS - Control of your impact on shooting
Triggerbot - Automatic shot when the enemy hits your target
Autopistol - Allows you to shoot with a clasp, not clicks
Show cross recoil - A sight in the center of the screen, which when shooting shows where your bullets are flying

ESP | Wallhack | Valhak
BoxType - Draws squares around enemies
Health - Displays the number of lives over enemies
Name - Displays the enemy´s name
Glow - Highlights the outline of the enemy. Displays through the walls + changes color if you do not see the enemy
Glow Weapon - Illuminated weapon
Head - Point on the enemy´s head
Flash - Allows you to track whether the enemy is blinded or not
Ammo - Displays the number of cartridges in an enemy weapon
Chams - Fill the enemy´s texture (3 types) + Change its color if the enemy is behind the wall
Bone - Displays the skeleton on enemies + Changes its color if the enemy is behind a wall

Misc | Other
Bhop or Banihop - Sprint + acceleration
Radar or Radarhak - Displays enemies with red dots on your mini-map
Rank revealer - Displays wounds in MM
Airstuck - Allows you to hang in the air
Nade esp - Displays flying grenades
Bomb esp - Displays the installation location of C4
Bomb damage - Displays damage from C4
NoFlash - You can not be blinded
Auto accept - Automatically accepts found MM match
Fov view - Changes your viewing angle in the game

Skinchanger | Change skins
The section is under construction. Soon you can set up skins for any weapon. Currently, skins from the HYDRA operation are automatically exposed
Our advantages:
✔ 1. Constant and automatic updates.
✔ 2. Returning the time for subscriptions if it was updated or not working for technical reasons.
✔ 3. 3rd year on the market for cheats and more.
✔ 4. Active group VKontakte and chat inside the chit.
✔ 5. Thoughtful and beautiful interface.
✔ 6. Detailed instruction + video.
✔ 7. Online payment 24 \ 7. Immediately after payment you will be able to use the cheat.
✔ 8. One adult (27 years) person is engaged in the whole project. Turning to technical support you will communicate directly with the creator of the reader.
✔ 9. Frequent prizes for customers reading.
✔ 10. Over 2700 real reviews.
✔ 11. The https protocol is used to protect the client´s personal data.
✔ 12. A large number of options for fine-tuning the reader + the ability to turn off unnecessary functions.
✔ 13. Ability to earn money by selling our cheats.
✔ 14. Automatic system to reset the binding of the key to the computer (hwid), it works 24 \ 7.
✔ 15. The ability to freeze time on your cheat if you need to go somewhere.
✔ 16. You can buy cheat for things Steam (xgo, dota2, tf2).
✔ 17. Cumulative discount (up to 20%) for regular customers.
✔ 18. Works in all display modes.
✔ 19. You can change the settings during the game.
✔ 20. Works in all game modes.
✔ 21. Cheat does not affect the performance of your PC.
✔ 22. Build the reading every 30 minutes.
22.04.2018 0:57:49
Hack didn´t work as promised, i got banned first day.. this shit ain´t even premium hack... wtf?! Nice 3,26 dollar for shit!!
06.04.2018 21:16:47
Very good hack!
12.03.2018 19:16:29
good hack
10.12.2017 18:05:18
Всё стабильно отлично)
26.07.2017 13:17:48
Все отлично))
09.07.2017 4:24:03
Супер, работает.
10.06.2017 14:36:31
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