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The manual drawn up on the basis of the Federal State educational standard of higher professional education in the field of training (specialty) 060101 Medicine, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No 1118 of 08.11.2010, the, and normative documents regulating the standards of medical care.
The questions of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, treatment. Emphasis is placed on methods of removing an immediate threat to a patient´s life.
Results doses of drugs targeted to an adult weighing 70 kg, but by the time the book out of print, they can undergo changes, so for the proper use of a particular drug must be carefully read the attached to it the manufacturer´s instructions.
The manual is written on the basis of domestic (634 sources) and foreign (128 sources) literature, personal experience of the authors. Given treatment regimen critical conditions have been tested and do not contain controversial techniques.
The CD-ROM includes the normative documentation (248 sources) and the manufacturer´s instructions for all medicinal products referred to in this book (738 names). Presented as the international generic and trade names of drugs (more than 6500 items). The CD-ROM also contains a number of other informational materials.
For medical students, students of the state of emergency. It can be used for the training of doctors-interns, medical residents and physicians in the preparation of any specialties on the emergency to validation and certification.
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