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$50 the discount is 2%
When purchasing this product, you get a scan of game time cards for the game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (EUROPE edition). This product is not suitable for the activation of new accounts only extension. Suitable for PS3, PS4 and PC.

You are purchasing scanned code of a time card to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Euro version).

Compatible to work with PS4, PS3 & PC platforms.

***** ***** KEY instant delivery

Immediately after payment you will receive the key to the screen. It can also be viewed on the site

***** ***** WHY IGROSHOP

- More than 10 years of experience in

- Merchant passport since 2002, BUSINESS LEVEL (BL) 1100!

- Positive feedback

- Vast experience with releases of new games and shipment of goods

- Cumulative discounts

- Support in English available

***** ***** GAME

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - this MMORPG for the PC and Playstation 3, offering you and your friends embark on a journey through the world Eorzeya.

Create alliances Saddle your chocobo, and sit in airplanes - you are free to write a story about your adventures in this mysterious and beautiful world. Will you be a lone wolf, or a member of the team - you decide. FF14 promises epic quests, monsters familiar to fans of the series, as well as unique abilities and leveling. All the classic elements of the series that you know and love are waiting for you!


- Cross-platform game for PC and PlayStation 3.

- New graphics engine, capable of delivering high-detailed image.

- Flexible system of classes, allowing the player to change on the fly, all 18 classes by changing the weapon or tool.

- Deep and thoughtful gameplay with plot pvp system call familiars and a huge number of quests that the player will not get bored.

Dating Game:




Every buyer who bought this product and leave your positive feedback, the game gets to Steam.

What? One of these: Eets or Puzzle Agent. The key will need to be activated in the "Steam".

To get a gift you must:

1) Buy our game

2) to leave positive feedback with the comment "I want a gift»

3) Contact us by email (email is indicated in contacts) or via chat.

Newsletter Gift done within 24-48 hours after writing a comment.

Warning! By leaving a comment you represent and warrant that you have read, understood and accepted all the conditions for receiving the gift.

If you have any questions - contact us.

Please leave a comment about making a purchase - we will be very grateful to you.
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