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Verification work on discipline "Cultural Studies", the number of 10 questions.

Question 1: What does the culture?

Question 2: What do you know about the visual and musical forms of primitive art?

Question 3. What are the features of the religion of Ancient Egypt? How did the Egyptians to death and immortality, the cult of the pharaoh?

Question 4: What is the Varna-caste system and its impact on the socio-cultural development of India?

Question 5. What are the main achievements of ancient China.

Question 6: What do you know about science in the ancient states?

Question 7. Explain why in the Old State adopted Christianity? What did it matter to Russia?

Question 8. What, in your opinion, is the historical conditioning of the Enlightenment?

Question 9. What changes have occurred in the culture with the advent of the "thaw"?

Question 10. What are the causes of Russian abroad.

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