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You buy a license activation code "Playstation Store replenishment wallet: Payment card 2500 rubles" and get the code immediately after the payment. The system will buy myself!


Information on the Playstation Store replenishment wallet: Payment card 2500 rubles


Region: Russia.

ATTENTION PLEASE! This card PlayStation Network is suitable only for Russian accounts (regions of Russia).


Description on key Playstation Network Card 2500: Payment card 2500 rubles


Cards PlayStation Network Cards - a great way to add funds to your wallet PlayStation Network. It´s enough to buy a card PlayStation Network Card and enter the 12-digit numeric code. After that, you can easily download any materials from the PlayStation Store.

User activation code purchased Playstation Store replenishment wallet: Payment card 2500 rubles:


1. Log on to the PlayStation Network.

2. Enter the PlayStation Store, select the section "Redeem Codes" and enter the code purchased from us.

3. That´s it! Money get in your wallet, and you can spend them on your own. Enjoy your shopping!
29.03.2018 20:23:43
Все супер спасибо
29.03.2018 20:22:29
Все супер спасибо
02.02.2018 15:11:58
Спасибо! Всё хорошо!
17.01.2018 10:44:27
Все отлично прошло,немного подождал и ключ прилетел! Продавец молодец! ??
16.01.2018 21:56:09
16.01.2018 4:18:35
Все отлично! Спасибо!
07.01.2018 18:30:04
06.01.2018 16:53:20
Всё понравилось! Буду у вас покупать и друзьям порекомендую!
06.01.2018 13:44:33
все четко как всегда
05.01.2018 20:18:18
Всё отлично. Быстро и доступно.
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